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Last update: February 7 2023


Facility FAQs

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Are campfires permitted? Open campfires are not permitted. Grills and contained, elevated fire pits are permitted at least 50 ft away from the fuel farm. 

Are there ATMs available? There are no ATM machines on site at Pitt Race. ATMs are accessible at Al’s Corner Market. We do accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards on site.

Who should I contact if I encounter a problem? During events, Pitt Race personnel will be available at the Pitt Stop Pro Shop or in an official Pitt Race vehicle in the paddocks.

Do you supply any gear for drivers? Karting? Pitt Race has a limited supply of helmets for rent at the Pitt Stop Pro Shop. There is not a fleet of race cars to rent. For kart rentals, they provide racers with a helmet, neck brace, jacket, and gloves. We recommend that you wear long sleeves and long pants. Closed-toe shoes are required but not provided.

Are there bleachers available? Pitt Race has a limited amount of bleachers on Spectator Hill and by Karting. We encourage our guests to bring blankets and canopies to set up to view events. All tents must be appropriately staked down and not in the line of sight of other spectators. 

How much does it cost to kart? Kart pricing – $42 for a single session $72 for a two (2) pack of sessions $93 for a three (3) pack of sessions 


Rules which are updated or added for 2023 are highlighted.

Facility Rules 

1. Waiver must be signed for each individual entering the track premises.

2. Appropriate wristbands must be worn at all times while on track premises.

3. No illegal Firearms, Fireworks or Weapons of any kind will be tolerated.

4. No Drone usage.

5. Use wood or other suitable materials on pavement to avoid damages for trailer tongues, jacks, jack stands, etc.

6. Report all fluid spills on paved surfaces so that absorbent materials can be applied.

7. Dispose of motor oils, brake fluids and antifreeze only in marked containers.

8. All tires, scrap metal (including broken canopies) and any other vehicle parts must be taken with you and not disposed of at the track. 

9. No loud noise or music...Please be considerate of others.

10. Speed limit is 10 MPH for all vehicles in the paddock areas. 

11. Quiet hours are from 8:00pm until 8:00am.

12. Please place all trash in trash cans. 

13. All pets must be leashed and picked up after. 

14. No open campfires. 

15. No alcohol during hours of operations. No illegal drugs. 

16. Helmets must be worn for any on-track activity in excess of 45 MPH - No Exceptions.


Shootout Rules


1. Sportsmanship, Eligibility, and Expectation of Conduct

a. Sportsmanship is expected of all team members. This is a reminder that, while this is NOT an SAE sanctioned event, teams are still representing their schools, their SAE Collegiate Chapters, and themselves.

b. Per FSAE rules, all competition participants must be 18 or over to attend the Pittsburgh Shootout.

c. The Pittsburgh Shootout LLC reserves the right to ask individuals or teams to leave the event in the case misconduct such as: violation of facility or event rules, inappropriate usage of the facilities, property damage, or otherwise inappropriate behavior. 

2. Technical Inspection

a. Technical Inspection will be conducted by Alumni volunteers.

b. Tech stickers from a Formula SAE competition will expedite the tech process; our goals are to maintain safety and allow every team to drive. We do permit teams to participate without FSAE tech stickers but they will be subjected to a more thorough inspection.

IC car tech inspection includes standard IC inspection, mechanical inspection, and brakes test.

EV car tech inspection includes standard EV inspection, accumulator inspection, mechanical inspection, rain test, and brakes test.

c. A copy of the 2023 Tech sheet is included in the handbook. Items highlighted green shall be checked. Items highlighted yellow may be checked at the discretion of the tech volunteer. Items highlighted red will not be checked unless there is an apparent problem.

d. Alumni vehicles will be inspected to the ruleset to which they were built. Reasonable adjustments may be made to inspection based on work done to the cars post-competition year and the age of the vehicle. At a bare minimum, they are expected to have:

3. Volunteering

a. We will ask teams to help with track maintenance, timing, flagging, etc. Please speak with Emily if you’d like to volunteer with something specific.

4. Driver rules

a. There is no limit on drivers or number of runs.

b. All drivers must register on the form on event day

c. All drivers must pass an egress (7 seconds) – you are not required to wear drivers gear during the egress.

d. All drivers should wear an NFC tag for time tracking.

e. All drivers must pass IN.5.1 – Helmet Clearance.

f. All drivers must wear:

i. Helmet – closed face

ii. Balaclava

iii. Suit – SFI 5

iv. Gloves – SFI 5

v. Shoes – SFI 5

vi. Fire resistant socks

g. Outside of the Dynamic Area(s), vehicles must be pushed at a normal walking pace using the Push Bar (VE.2.2), with a driver in the cockpit and with another team member walking beside. Vehicles cannot be driven inside the paddocks.

6. Fueling/Charging

a. Teams are responsible for their own fuel/charging. There is a 91/93/100/110 (paid) pump on site. You must bring your own E85. 

b. There are 120 and 240V outlets at the North Track for EV charging.

7. Camping

a. Camping is free for participants in the designated camping area.

b. All students on site after 8pm must have an identifying wristband to indicate they are staying overnight. Students without wristbands will be asked to leave.

8. Scoring

a. Autocross will be scored out of 125 pts and Skidpad out of 75 pts using the FSAE scoring method outlined in the 2023 FSAE Rules.

b. If the number of EV registrations exceeds 25% of the registered teams, the classes may be split for scoring. Overall and class-specific awards may be given.

Fuel and Food

Food & Beverage Concessions are available at Pitt Race during the race season, April – October, on weekends, and for most scheduled events. Otherwise, the closest spot for food is 0.7 miles away at Al’s Corner Market. 351 PA-18, Koppel, PA 16136. There is also a Subway across the street from Al’s, and Sheetz in Ellwood City for fast, hot food.

Students are encouraged to bring grills and other appliances for cooking provided they meet the facility rules above.

Fueling Stations Pitt Race features quality Sunoco Race Fuels in the following blends: 100 octane unleaded, 110 octane leaded, 90 octane ethanol-free unleaded, 93 octane unleaded. A level 2 J-1772 charger is available at the Fuel Farm for $12/hr charging.

No E85 is available on site. The closest place to purchase E85 is at Sheetz - 14 5th St, Ellwood City, PA 16117