Last Update: July 14 2021

The 2021 Pittsburgh Shootout COVID-19 policies are listed below. All questions regarding the facility's rules should be directed to All questions regarding the Pennsylvania COVID mitigation strategies should be directed to the Pennsylvania department of health at All questions regarding the SAE CDS competition plan should be directed to their COVID-19 Risk Mitigation plans at

All event-specific questions or concerns may be directed to


The 2020 Pittsburgh Shootout was cancelled due to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. After careful consideration of the current status (as of 4/2/2021) of the pandemic, evaluation of the PA Dept of Health guidelines, evaluation of vaccination rate of US citizens, and following the direction of the Formula SAE Validation events this summer, the Pittsburgh Shootout organizers have decided that hosting the event with restrictions was the best course of action for summer 2021.

The Plan

PA Dept of Health Recommendations regarding outdoor events:

  • The PA Dept of health has lifted covid restrictions. The Pittsburgh Shootout has chosen to continue to enforce social distancing and masking when it's not possible to socially distance.

  • Pitt Race has a facility capacity of 20,000. The Vehicle Dynamics Area and Paddocks has a maximum participant capacity of about 2,000. The Pittsburgh Shootout is estimated at 400 attendees maximum, or 20% capacity. This is an assumption of 30 enrolled teams at 12 students each plus 40 event coordinators/spectators/sponsors. We do not anticipate enforcing a maximum number of students per team on-site, but do ask the students at registration how many members will be attending. This cap is subject to change.

PA Dept of Health Recommendations regarding sports:

  • The PA Dept of health has lifted covid restrictions. The Pittsburgh Shootout has chosen to continue to enforce social distancing and masking when it's not possible to socially distance.

Entry Screening

All guests entering the Pitt Race facility must sign a COVID-19 waiver as well as the normal facility waiver stating that they do not have symptoms or have not recently come into contact with someone with COVID-19.

Students are encouraged to get their vaccine as soon as possible and have their vaccine card with them when in the facility. Students will NOT be required to have a vaccine to participate and will NOT be exempt from the rules listed here if they've received a vaccination.

Added 4/21/2021: To be fully vaccinated in time for the Pittsburgh Shootout, students should receive their first dose before July 7.

Face Coverings

  • Students will be asked to wear a mask if they are not vaccinated and will be required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status when social distancing is not possible such as in the technical inspection tent and in the restrooms. Students will NOT be required to wear a face mask while wearing a helmet. Students are encouraged to NOT share helmets or balaclavas. Balaclavas are available in the Pitt Race kart shop for purchase.

  • Any individuals who do not bring their own masks/face coverings will NOT be allowed to enter the competition area.

Hand Hygiene

Pitt Race will provide hand sanitizer in all restroom facilities. On-site vendors will feature hand sanitizer stations. Fans are encouraged to regularly wash or sanitize their hands.

Physical Distancing

Fans will be required to adhere to social distancing in spectator viewing areas as well as the expanded camping guidelines. Distancing will also be enforced throughout the venue.

There is substantial room to camp at the facility and students are encouraged to, if camping, stay within team "pods" and give themselves reasonable space from other teams. Students are also encouraged to find off-site accommodations at the various hotels around the track.

The Pitt Shootout has reserved more space than normal at the facility to allow for physical distancing in the paddock areas.

Added 4/13/2021: Technical Inspection times will be extended to minimize lines and contact with others.

Cleaning and Sanitization

The venue will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected regularly, with frequent cleaning of high-traffic areas and surfaces throughout the day.


Kona Ice will be vending shaved ice during lunch time courtesy of ANSYS.